Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nina Simone (2)

Nina Simone
14" x 8"
oil on wood, 2010

It's finished, the second Simone painting of the year. It's a strange one. I sort of like the top part, the bottom part too, but together... It's just strange. Thus comes the second writing of the year about Nina Simone... But I'm at a loss, confused, confused by the painting, confused by my previous post (on Simone's diary), confused by her nakedness (I'd so vowed not to paint nudes anymore!) For inspiration on what to write I looked at comments made by viewers on YouTube. I viewed some videos of my favorite Simone songs and read hundreds of comments. Most of these comments, as one could expect, are not worth being published... I take that back: everything is worthy, as a matter of fact I'd wish some people would comment on mine. anything, even a :) or a :(, better yet an xoxo, or an lol. The painting... Clearly more about me than about Nina Simone. The writing too then, should be an exercise in auto-psycho-analysis 101, doing the patient part as well as the therapist's... But confusion prevails; the comments—no matter how sincerely—from my fellow-Nina-Simone-YouTube-watchers didn't help, and my own typed words lead to no particular conclusion...

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